Mortgage Rates So Low They’re Scary

OK, it’s Halloween week, so it’s time to tell spooky stories and dress up in your favorite costume.  We have a spooky tale this week.  I call it “The Haunted Mortgage”!

It was late one night and The Home Loan Expert offices were getting ready to close when there was a noise at the front desk.  “Funny,” thought Katie Donahue at the front desk, “The front door is glass and I would have SWORN there was nobody there a minute ago.”  The door opened and suddenly, there was a couple inside at the desk.  Weird, but OK.  Katie greeted the couple, who said that they had worked with Ryan before, and wanted to refinance.  “Oh, they’ve been here before, that’s why they knew to walk right in,” she thought to herself.

“Ok, Ryan would LOVE to talk to you about your mortgage and work you up some options,” Katie said, showing the couple back to Ryan’s office.  “Hi guys,” the excited voice of Ryan Kelley rang out from his office.   “What can I do for you this evening?  I heard Katie say something about a refinance?”

“Yes,” the gentleman said.  “We want to refinance our home to today’s rates.  We heard that they’ve…changed quite a bit since we were in last.” Ryan was over the moon.  “Absolutely!  When did you do your loan with us originally?”

“We financed with you in 2009, and we wanted to see if you could help us refinance to save some money for our daughter’s college.  We’re not sure that we’ll be able to afford it, when the time comes,” said the wife.  “We understand that a cash out refinance can help us get started.”

“Absolutely,” said Ryan.  “Let me just look you guys up in our system, what was your last name?”  The man replied “Smith.  Lonnie and Terry Smith.” Ryan turned slowly back toward them, “But you’re…” he began.

“Oh yes, we died last year.  Car crash.  Terrible accident and all that.  We just wanted to see if we could refinance before we go into the light and all.  It’s such a great time to do it, we would hate to miss out, and we know that you’ll get us the lowest rate.”

“…”  Ryan was, for the very first time, speechless.  He recovered quickly.  “Ok, let’s work you up some options!”

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