Our Story

We’re so much more than a mortgage company. We’re a team, we’re a part of our communities, and we’re all driven by a shared hunger to build something really special.

Our Mission

The Home Loan Expert was founded with a defiant spirit to make securing a loan a positive experience and with the goal of putting people and community first.

We’re striving to become the premier—and the most human—mortgage lending brand in the country. Through teamwork, commitment, and action, we work hard for our customers and for the communities we serve.

Our Story

It all started in 2009 when our founder Ryan Kelley was working for a soulless corporate mortgage company and closing loans from a cubicle, and he had a realization: what he should be doing was closing loans at his clients’ kitchen table and shaking their hands. Closing home loans shouldn’t be treated like any other transaction—after all, buying a home is often the most important purchase of people’s lives.

Ryan saw that mortgage loans had become the most stressful and least human part of homebuying—but it didn’t have to be this way. So he began knocking on doors in St. Louis and helping his neighbors receive the best rates for their home loans, offering them the guidance and personal touch he wished he’d gotten.

Over time, word started to spread, and referrals poured in. The work quickly became too much for one person working in a basement, so Ryan made his first hire— shortly followed by a second. All of the original employees are still on our team to this day, and are still driven by a shared hunger to build something special. Our brand has become synonymous with getting clients the best rate for their home loans with the best customer service.


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