How to Increase Your Mortgage Appraisal

Your appraisal is a huge part of your home purchase or refinance.  It’s an expert evaluation of your property and home (or the home that you’re buying) and will tell you what the property is worth.  The higher the value, the better it is for you.  When refinancing, it’s very important to get the highest value possible.  Here’s how to increase your mortgage appraisal, so you can refinance at the highest level you can.

Appraisals are done by licensed professionals that have to be approved by the state.  They take courses and complete an internship to become licensed.  So when they come to your home, they will evaluate your home properly.  It’s important to make sure that your home is in great shape.

Since the condition of the home will change your appraised value, start increasing it by making repairs and improvements.  Find broken fixtures and problems, and fix them.  Make improvements in the kitchen or bathrooms.  Updating lights or painting a wall can really help brighten up the place or make it look bigger.

Go downstairs and make sure that the air conditioner and furnace are working properly.  If you can’t determine this, it could be cost-effective to hire someone to fix it.

You should also spruce up the yard and outside.  Clean up clutter, clean out brush, make sure that the yard is mowed and trimmed.  Touch up paint on the trim of the house.  Check the windows for cracks or other problems.  Really do a deep dive on your home, and give yourself a chance to make some money on your home.

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