Can I Get My Mortgage From Amazon?

Well, no.  Amazon is not, as of today, a mortgage company.  They are excellent at a lot of things, from selling you a toaster to hosting your website, but they do not offer mortgages to consumers.  However, there’s good news.  The Home Loan Expert team is delivering the best customer service in the industry, every day.

How to Choose a Great Mortgage Company

Customer service is the name of the game in the mortgage industry.  There’s no other company that combines the friendly service and speedy delivery of The Home Loan Expert team and we prove it every day.

Our team is available 7 days a week until 10 p.m. and will pre-approve your mortgage the day that you call in.  We are available when you are.  Meeting a loan officer on their schedule is a thing of the past.  We meet you on your terms, when you have time to talk about your loan.

Who is the Best Mortgage Company to Work With?

We also come to you for your loan.  While some banks and mortgage companies force you to come to them to fill out paperwork, or discuss your mortgage, or sign documents.  You have to visit them on their terms.  We will come to your home or office and sit down with you.  We have been sitting at kitchen tables, working out mortgage terms, since the company was founded.  It’s just something that we do.

Finding the perfect mortgage for our clients isn’t just what we do for work, it’s our life.  It’s why we are succeeding while many mortgage companies are bowing out of the market.  More people want to buy a home than there are available homes, and the market is tight.  Customer service is what keeps our lights on and keeps people calling our number.

What Is a Good Mortgage Company?

We pride ourselves on the business that we bring in from referrals.  When people ask who our clients used for their mortgage, they are proud to point them our way.  Our clients know that we will do a great job for them and get them a low rate on a great loan, while staying in contact with them and helping them save money.

On a new home purchase or refinance, with a conventional, FHA, VA Loan, Jumbo, HARP Loan or whatever type of loan best fits the needs of the client, we get it closed faster than anyone in town and get you moved into your home or get your payments lowered.

Don’t make the mistake of working with anyone else on your mortgage.

Call The Home Loan Expert Team in St. Louis at (314) 781-9700, Chicago at (773) 770-4727, Indianapolis at (317) 550-1515, Nashville at (615) 810-8555 or Birmingham, AL at (205)721-7656.  You can always apply online at hero.loan for your VA Loan, and www.thehomeloanexpert.com for your other mortgage needs, and we’re also open on Saturdays and will come to you to help close your loan. We work hard to make it easy on you.  Nobody gets lower rates on better loans than The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, why go anywhere else?

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