Try These Projects For Labor Day Weekend

So, it’s closing down summer here in the Midwest.  Labor Day Weekend is coming up, and everyone is getting into the season.  Football is starting, the kids are back to school, and the leaves are changing.  We’re changing seasons, and that means it’s time to work on some home improvement projects to make the house ready for fall.  So while you have a blast this weekend barbequing or swmming or getting that last hurrah of summer, think about a little work you can do this weekend while it’s still warm but not a billion degree summer day.  Try these projects for Labor Day weekend.

 1)    Plant the Fall Foliage.

Lilies and Bluestars are flowers that really thrive in the fall an make your yard look really cool until winter. Adding a splash of Fall color really helps make your yard stand out and can help you throw the best football/Halloween/winery/biergarden parties in the neighborhood.

2)     Change the Interior Colors.

If you have ever wanted to repaint a room, hallway, accent room, walkway, stairwell, or any part of your house, a three-day weekend is the perfect time to knock it outl

3)     Clean the Gutters.

Do you have trees?  Then you have gross gutters.  Climb on up and clean them out before it gets too cold and the water that the gunk traps freezes, making it impossible to get out.  It also gets too cold to get up there on the ladder eventually.  Don’t let your gutters get torn up.

4)     Clean Air Matters.

Since you’re about to be inside a lot more, make sure that the air is clean in the house.  Change your air filter and clean your furnace.  Your sinuses will thank you this winter.

5)     Look Outside.

Those of us with allergies know that this summer was full of pollen across the Midwest.  You have to clean those windows up or you’ll be staring out through goop-covered windows all winter, wishing they looked cleaner.

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