The Home Loan Expert Team’s Fight For Air Climb

Mastered The Met THLE TeamRyan Kelley led our squad, The Home Loan Expert Team, in The Fight For Air Climb. The event raised money for the American Lung Association. Climbers took part in the event by either walking or running the 40 flights of stairs at the Metropolitan Square Building, the tallest building in Saint Louis. The event starts with you and your team members gathering in the lobby of the Metropolitan building waiting for your time to climb. Just like countless other teams you’re stretching and strategizing about how you’re going to accomplish the 40 flights of stairs. Once your time is called you line up as a team and one by one in 10 seconds intervals you start the 40 flight journey to the top.

We had a great time climbing the 40 flights of stairs as a team, rooting each other on and being there for each other at the finish line to dole out high-fives as each of us finished. We all managed the climb. Ryan’s 3-year old son, Jack, did all 40 flights as well. After finishing Jack liked it so much he wanted to do it again. We got on the elevator and returned to the lobby proud of what we had accomplished as a team. As we were about to exit to the post-climb party we saw the first responders reporting for their climb. They entered the lobby of the Metropolitan building in shorts, sandals and t-shirts but then started to gear up for their climb to the top. We all felt pretty good about our climbs but couldn’t imagine doing it with all that gear on.

The American Lung Association has been sponsoring this climb to raise awareness for healthy lungs, a cause that could use as much push as it can get. Healthy lungs are the key to a healthy life.

What a workout, though! Forty flights of stairs are a lot – about 870 steps. We wanted to make sure that we took the extra step here, though, for the American Lung Association. That’s what we do at The Home Loan Expert, we go the extra step to make sure that you always get the lowest interest rate on your mortgage. No matter if you are a current homeowner needing to refinance or looking to purchase your first house, we can help. Apply online today at www.thehomeloanexpert.com/newlook/saint-louis or call us at (314) 781-9700. Nobody makes it easier than Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert.

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