St. Patrick’s Day is a Great Day For Your Mortgage

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day of celebration and spending time with friends.  That doesn’t mean it’s not also a great day to call The Home Loan Expert to get some options for your mortgage.  With rates this low and home values rising, there’s never been a better time to get the lowest rate on your mortgage.  So put down the green beer for 10 minutes, go to www.thehomeloanexpert.com, and fill out your application.   Make St. Patrick’s Day a great day for your mortgage.

It’s the best time to get a new mortgage in years. You can save HUNDREDS every month on your mortgage if you come in today.  It’s also a great time to get started if you’re planning on buying a new home or moving.  It’s a week until spring starts, the weather is getting better and better every morning, and I want you to have the lowest payment possible on your home.  We can save you enough money to really live it up next year.  Turn your savings into a new deck, a finished basement, or a pool for the summer.

A Cash-Out Refinance is another option, where you can take the equity in your home and use it to roll your credit cards and other high-interest payments into your low-interest mortgage.  Check your mortgage statement, then your credit cards.  Wouldn’t you rather pay off your credit cards at a rate in the 3’s, instead of double digit credit card rates?

So spend a bit of St. Patrick’s Day with The Home Loan Expert Team!  Call us in St. Louis at (314) 781-9700, Chicago at (773) 770-4727, Indianapolis at (317) 550-1515 or Nashville at (615) 810-8555. You can always apply online at www.thehomeloanexpert.com, and we’re also open on Saturdays to better serve you. We work hard to make it easy on you.  Nobody gets lower rates on better loans than The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, why go anywhere else?

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