Ryan Kelley’s A Christmas Carol

Chapter 1

One Christmas Eve, late at night, Arnold Thompson sat awake, working into the night.  “I can’t believe how much we’re paying on this mortgage,” he thought.  “There’s just no way to pay for all of the kids’ gifts this year while we have to pay this much every month!”  Then, he heard a noise from behind him.  “Who…who’s there?” Arnold asked fearfully, wondering who had entered his home that night.  “If you’re a burglar, you should know…”

“I’m not a burglar,” said the voice.  “I’m the voice of your mortgage, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to be afraid of what you owe on your home anymore.”

“What?” Arnold exclaimed. ”What do you mean?  Is my house haunted?  I don’t get it.”

“I’m your mortgage talking to you.  Don’t overthink it.”

The voice went on.  “Tonight, you will be visited by three spirits, and they will teach you the true method to save on your mortgage and pay off your high-interest debt.  The first will appear at midnight, be prepared…”

“OK, I may have had too much eggnog tonight,” thought Arnold, “but it’s only ten minutes ‘till midnight, I will see what these spirits have to say.”

The voice vanished with one last admonition – “Await the ghosts and save on your mortgage…” and was gone.

Chapter 2

As midnight approached, Arnold waited, curious to see what would appear.  “I mean, I know a Christmas Carol, so I guess this is like that?  We’ll probably see the ghost of Christmas Past first, I guess.”  No sooner had the thought escaped his lips then a strange light began to pulse from under the door.  “OK, here we go,” thought Arnold. The door slowly opened to reveal a young man.  “Hi there Arnold, I’m Kyle Melvin, and I’ll be your Ghost of Mortgage Past.”

“OK” thought Arnold.  “At least he’s a normal-looking guy.”  He spoke to the young man. “Hi Kyle, what’s this all about?”

“Well, I’m going to show you what your mortgage was when you first got it,” Kyle said. “so we can find out how to save you money later.”

Suddenly, Kyle and Arnold moved but didn’t move.  There was a feeling of vertigo, and the house changed.  Suddenly, it was as if the house was brand new, and they had never lived in it.  The furniture was gone, the walls were bare, and the hole where Arnold’s son had hit the wall with a baseball was gone.  “Here we are, Arnold.”  Kyle waved his arm over the home.  “This is your home on July 6th, 2006, the week you moved into your new home.  Do you know what you had for an interest rate?”

“I…I can’t remember,” said Arnold, nervously.

“I can tell you exactly what it was.  You paid 6.79% on a 30-year mortgage.  It’s exactly what you pay today.”

Arnold was shocked.  “Wait, aren’t rates way lower today?  I hear a guy saying if my interest rate is not in the 3’s, I should call him on the radio all of the time!  I got ripped off!”

Kyle shook his head.  “No, no, you didn’t GET ripped off.  That was the rate when you bought your home.  But if you don’t do something about it, and fast, you’ll be GETTING ripped off, every month, until you pay off your mortgage.”

Arnold wheeled around to ask Kyle what to do, but the young man had disappeared and he was back in his current home.  “Whoa, I had no idea that I was paying that much in interest,” he thought.  ”I wonder what the next ghost will tell me!”

Chapter 3

Just as Arnold began to calm down from the ghost of Mortgage Past, he started to hear a sound from the top floor.  “Oh, man, what now” he thought. “I’d better check it out.”  Arnold climbed the steps and saw a very familiar light coming from under his office door.  “OK, it must be the ghost of Mortgage Present.  Hopefully they can help me out here!”

Arnold opened the door to see a young woman sitting behind his desk, looking at his mortgage statement.  “Hi there,” she said.  “I’m Heather Sherry, the ghost of Mortgage Present.  You are paying WAY too much every month, but don’t worry, I’ll show you how today’s lower rates will save you money every month.”  Arnold was beside himself.  “How can you help me, Heather?”

“Well, I see that you’re still paying the 6.79% that you signed up for in 2006, when mortgage rates were at the highest in years.  Today, we can get you a mortgage rate in the 3’s, cutting your interest payment in half every month.  That’s less money that you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage, and it’ll help save you thousands over the life of your mortgage.”

Arnold excitedly asked “What do I do?” “You apply online at www.thehomeloanexpert.com and they save you money, Arnold.  You can refinance and even skip a couple of months of payments, so you can get ahead of your bills.”  Arnold replied “Hold on, let me get my laptop!”  and turned to the desk.  When he turned back, Heather was gone, but Arnold knew what to do.  He opened his laptop and quickly filled out the online form to refinance his home with The Home Loan Expert Team.  “Well, now I’ve applied, I’m going to save money, what can the last ghost show me?”

Chapter 4

Arnold relaxed, confident that he was doing the right thing.  Suddenly, he heard a voice downstairs.  “Arnold, I have something to show you” it said.  Arnold, now nervous, crept back downstairs to see what the voice was looking for.

“Hey, I’m Ryan Kelley, and I’m excited to be the ghost of Mortgage Future,” exclaimed the ghost!  “I’m going to show you how your life changed after you refinanced to a lower interest rate with us!”  The room was swept up in a hurricane and Arnold felt himself deposited gently on the ground.  “Where am I?”  Ryan answered with “This is your house, Arnold!”

Arnold stared around him.  He could see now that it was his home, but it had been improved in every way.  There was a new garage, a pool, and a deck!  “How is this possibly my home?”

“Well, you’ve saved so much on your mortgage that you were able to put money away and make capital improvements!  You also got a cash-out refinance when you refinanced originally, that’s how you put in the pool!”  Ryan opened the garage to show the new cars inside.  “You pay enough less on your mortgage that you could afford new cars, too.  Refinancing with us in 2018 was the best decision you ever made, Arnold.”  Arnold’s eyes welled up with tears as he looked at the dream home he lived in now.  “How can I thank you, Ryan?”

He turned around to see that Ryan was gone, and he was back in his living room, where the night had begun.  He climbed the steps toward bed, knowing that his future would be secure with a refinance from The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley.

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