Refinance and Skip 2 Months of Mortgage Payments

Refinance and Skip 2 Months of Mortgage Payments
Refinance and Skip 2 Months of Mortgage Payments

The holidays are a crazy time for everyone.  It seems like Halloween ends and suddenly, it’s Christmas music in every store, you’ve eaten turkey and watched football with your family for Thanksgiving, and you need to get all of your shopping done for the holidays, like, RIGHT NOW.  Well, if you’re strapped for cash, a refinance may be the savior for your season.

You see, with any refinance or new home purchase, you can skip the next 2 months of mortgage payments.  That’s right, 2 full months off from making any payments on your mortgage.  Imagine all of the money that you can save, and what you can do with it!

You can take your savings and pay off your holiday debt.  You can unwind from the stress of the season with a trip.  Put the money towards repairs after your in-laws trashed your house during dinner.

Whatever you want to do with your 2 months of mortgage-free life, it’s up to you.

A refinance can also put money in your pocket.  A Cash Out Refinance is a great way to make home repairs, pay off credit card debt, or pad your bottom line after the holidays when lots of people are starting to see the bills come due for an extravagant season.

A Rate and Term Refinance can also help.  You can reduce the number of years on your loan and go to a lower rate, saving you money on interest and potentially lowering your monthly payment!

A refinance when rates are near all-time lows like right now just makes sense financially for so many people.  Your home has gained more value in the past 10 years than ever before, and you’ll be shocked at how much it’s actually worth.

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