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Nashville’s Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, has worked since 2004 to ensure that everyone, whatever their income or housing situation, gets the lowest interest rates on their mortgages. Whether they are looking to buy a new home or refinance the one they’re in, these loans, from FHA, HARP, VA, USDA, to Jumbo, will be available for families to use. Many homeowners use a refinance for debt consolidation. Some opt to to pay for student loans or vehicle loans. Many like to do home improvement projects, and use the refinance to fund those and increase their home’s value. They can also refinance to lower their monthly payments or shorten the length of their mortgage loan agreements. Sometimes, we’re able to accomplish all of these at once!

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or refinance one in Nashville, Franklin, Clarksville, Merfreesboro, Charlotte, Dickson, Gallatin, Kingston Springs, Lebanon, Watertown and the surrounding areas of the Music City, call:

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