It’s Time For a Cash Out Refinance

Credit card debt is evil.  It’s designed to keep you paying through the nose for the rest of your life for a toaster that you bought in your 20’s.  Credit cards turn every transaction into a more expensive one.  They literally live off of your purchases through them.  It’s a vicious cycle, where you need something, can’t afford it, buy it on credit, and pay for it for years.  With as cheaply as many appliances are made nowadays, you may end up paying for your new fridge longer than it lasts, if you buy it on credit.  Which brings me to my point – a Cash Out Refinance debt consolidation loan can rid you of that high-interest credit card debt.  It’s time for a Cash Out Refinance.

In St. Louis, right now, home values are up 10% from last year and continue to rise.  The more valuable your home is, the more equity you gain and the more you can borrow in a Cash Out Refinance.  You can use that money to pay off credit card bills. According to Reuters, credit cards are being used at an all-time high right now.  Put these two facts together and you can see that credit card debt is high for thousands of Americans, but there is a way to fix it.

Use the increasing value of your home in a Cash Out Refinance, roll that high-interest debt under your low-interest rate loan while rates are low and save thousands over the course of the loan.

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