Four Signs Your Home is Outdated

Every homeowner dreads it: the moment that you realize that your home is outdated.  One day, you’ll go to a friend or relative’s house, or end up at a party at a new house, and you’ll realize that you haaaaaaaaate your decor, or that your man cave is lame.  When your home looks old and out of style, it can breed resentment and keep you from fully enjoying yourself there.  These four signs that your home is outdated will serve as signs that it’s time for a cash-out refinance to do some serious remodeling.  You can increase the value of your home and increase your enjoyment of the place you spend the most time.

Outdated Feature Number One: TILED COUNTERTOPS

If you still have tiled countertops in 2018, it’s time to make a change.  Not only are they outdated, they are hard to clean and maintain.  If you have a tile counter, you need to keep the grout clean and if you chip a tile, you are in real trouble.  Maintaining a tiled countertop is more trouble than it is worth.  You can replace it with granite if you are willing to drop the dough, but there are alternatives such as quartz and silicone that look great and will still look great a decade from now and are easy to clean.

Outdated Feature Number Two: WOOD PANELING

We’re not talking about some great looking wooden wainscoting here.  This is the old-school, seventies-styled wood paneling that adorned the basement walls of so many people growing up.  It’s a look that immediately dates a home and makes you look like you are stuck in the past.  Tearing it off the walls and repainting it in a bright color will modernize and brighten up your room immediately and make your basement or rec room look like the cool place to hang out that it’s meant to be.

Outdated Feature Number Three: LINOLEUM FLOORS

Another seventies and eighties staple, linoleum floors became popular because they were cheap and easy to clean, but now have an outdated look that makes it feel like a time warp when you walk into the house.  While the floors were cheap years ago, now they look cheap.  You can’t go wrong replacing linoleum floors with hardwood, or you could use a stone-look tile in the kitchen, or maybe penny rounds in the bathroom – just pull up that old, yellowing linoleum and give yourself a fresh floor.

Outdated Feature Number Four: GOLD FIXTURES

Oh. Gold fixtures.  They looked so classy in the eighties and nineties and gave you a real feeling of sophistication.  Now, they look garish and out of place.  It’s time to replace your doorknobs and fixtures with a better color, a brushed nickel.  You can also replace things like light switch covers, outlet plates, cabinet knobs and other items in your home with more modern materials.

These give you a good start in making big changes to your home to make it feel more modern and impressive.  You can use a cash out refinance to fund your adventures in remodeling instead of opening up or maxing out a credit card or killing your savings to make your home a better place to live.

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