Current Mortgage Interest Rate Meter Indianapolis Chicago St Louis

It’s impossible to quote an interest rate for a borrower without having all of their pertinent information. Many homeowners want to know if rates are going up or down.  With all of the volatility in today’s market, mortgage interest rates change daily.  We have created the “Rate Meter” so that our borrowers can see in real time what rates are doing for FHA, HARP, Jumbo, VA, and USDA Loans.  The rate meter refreshes every five minutes, constantly letting you know if interest rates are going up or down. Green is good (down) and red is bad (up).  This Mortgage Rate Meter gives you the rate swing from each day’s 8am market open.

For the current movement in the St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis markets, please bookmark this page and let us know when you’re ready to refinance, or purchase a new home!

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