3 Do-It-Yourself Tasks Now That It’s Spring

If you own a home, you know that Spring is a time to really get started on projects.  It’s getting warmer and everything is starting to grow, so you have to make sure that you get out there and get your home ready for the season.  Here are 3 do it yourself tasks now that it’s spring that you can tackle.
Task One – Caulk Your Doors and Windows
Did you spend the winter wondering where the drafts were coming from?  Now is the chance to solve that mystery.  It’s time to get out the caulk gun and start cleaning up the portals into your house.  There are a few ways to check whether your caulk needs replacing.  The best way is to hold a match or candle in front of the window or door and watch the flame.  If it wavers or blows out, you have a leak.
Replacing the caulk is easy.  Just clear out the old caulk with a putty knife, apply the caulk into the gap, smooth down the seal with your finger or a damp rag, and clean up the area.
Task 2 – Prep Your Yard
Your yard is about to get wild if you don’t get on it.  It’s time to get your grass ready for the season.  Start with a thorough cleaning of leaves, twigs, and debris.  Then Apply your fertilizer, pre-emergent and weed killer.
Make sure to mow often during the Spring season to get the grass moving.
Next mulch your garden and landscaping with a good heavy mulch, or rake your rocks if you have them instead of mulch.  Finally, trim your trees and shrubs and bushes to neaten up the yard.
Once you get your yard and landscaping ready, you’re set.  Then it’s just maintenance, and you’re set for spring.
Task 3 – Cleaning Out Your Gutters
Oh, I hate this one.  Cleaning out your gutters is a long, smelly task that involves gunk and muck.  It is necessary, though, to keep your gutters moving rain through and keep it from pooling up and damaging your house.  Water finds the path of least resistance and will come into your house if it’s blocked.
When cleaning your gutters, you should always wear ling sleeves and use a solid ladder.
Start with a small plastic scoop for gunk removal, and go along the entirety of the house, cleaning up all of the muck and goop that has accumulated over the fall and winter.  Once you think you have it clean, take a hose and flush all of the gutters and downspouts out – that way you can check for leaks as well.
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