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Ryan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, hasn't come out of nowhere to become the nation's #2 FHA Lender and #9 nationally in closed loans. Ryan built his business from the ground up starting in 2004 as a Loan Officer with Shelter Mortgage. With hard work and lots of referrals, Ryan was consistently their Top Producing Loan Officer and helped build the company to one of the largest Mortgage Bankers in the St Louis area. In 2008, while his wife Tracy was pregnant with their first child, Ryan made the decision to leave Shelter Mortgage and join the team at NewCastle Home Loans. He was confident that NewCastle could provide him the tools needed to offer his clients a better loan process. He was newly married, and with his first child on the way, they were nervous, but excited for the opportunity to start fresh with a new company.

Ryan started with NewCastle Home Loans in 2008 as a Loan Officer working out of his basement. From there he began knocking on doors and selling himself, and his vision, for the future of the home loan business.  This has led to his status as The Home Loan Expert, the guy who knows how to get his clients the best rate for their home loan, whether they're first time home buyers looking for a home purchase, refinancing their loan, considering a debt consolidation, or looking for an FHA, HARP, USDA, VA, or Jumbo Loan.   His drive and ambition led him to become an Owner/Partner with NewCastle in 2009. Over the next six years Ryan worked day and night building his business, his team and expanding into new markets.

In 2014, Ryan realized that if wanted to continue growing his business and improving the “Customer Experience” that he would need to control all aspects of his business. “We need to get the front of the house and the back of the house on the same page,” Ryan was recently quoted in a local interview. Ryan broke away from Newcastle and started one of the nation's fastest-growing Mortgage Banks, The Home Loan Expert, LLC.

Ryan has developed his own system to originate a loan from start to finish. The refinance and home purchase process is always in a constant state of improvement. Ryan sits down with his team weekly, creating ways to improve and streamline their systems. These systems have led to some of the best and brightest to come work with Ryan. The new Loan Coordinator had spent the previous 12 years at one of the nation’s largest banks managing an entire department of underwriters and processors before joining his team. The Home Loan Experts Sr. DE Underwriter  has over 30 years experience underwriting residential mortgages and specializes in FHA and VA loans. She is a “Pillar” of knowledge. Another big difference in Ryan’s system is that he does not hire Loan Officers, he trains new ones. Young adults, a few years out of college, with business experience at the top of their field, get a full year of training under Ryan before becoming Loan Officers.

Over the past 11 years, Ryan has originated a STAGGERING 850 Million dollars in residential mortgage loans. The process and team that Ryan Kelley employs ensures that they won't be beat on loans or rates, and has led to several awards.

•2015 Scotsman Guide #9 Most Closed Loans in the Nation

•2015 Scotsman Guide #3 Top FHA Volume

•2015 Scotsman Guide #25 Top Refinance Volume

2014 Mortgage Executive Magazine #Top 1% Nationally for Mortgage Originator Volume

2014 Scotsman Guide #9 Most Closed Loans In the Nation

2014 Scotsman Guide #10 Top Refinance Volume

2014 Scotsman Guide #2 Top FHA Volume

2014 Scotsman Guide #44 Total Dollar Volume

2013 Scotsman Guide #2 in the Nation FHA Loan Volume

2013 Scotsman Guide #4 in the Nation for Most Closed Loans

2013 Originator News Top 20 in the nation for total closed loan volume

2012 Scotsman Guide #9 in the Nation FHA Loan Volume

2012 Scotsman Guide Top 100 in the Nation for Most Closed Loans

•2004-2008 Top Producer Award every year with Shelter Mortgage

•2010-2015 Top Company Originator NewCastle Home Loans, LLC

** There are currently 750k licensed Loan Officers in the Nation

Ryan was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He attended Kirkwood High School and St. Louis Community College. He currently splits his time between his St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis offices, while remaining a St. Louis resident. He married his beautiful wife Tracy on May 10th, 2008, and they have two children together. Ryan is a huge sports fan, and is involved in several charities, including:

Friends of Kids With Cancer

Make A Wish

Isaac Bruce Foundation


The Boy Scouts of America

To learn more about Ryan and see what loan options he can offer you, call him directly or apply online.

Ryan Kelley NMLS #319181



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Client Successes

I remember the day your postcard came in the mail. I found myself looking down at a guy in a bathtub of credit cards and thought that's a funny pun. I gave the number on the card a call and right away got Ryan on the phone telling me it was him in the bathtub! I was amazed that he had the gumption to do such a thing and was very curious what he was going to offer me. Low and behold he was going to be the guy to seriously help me and my life get back in order with a light at the end of the tunnel.
Ryan helped me refinance my home with a much lower payment, all the while personally helping me address my credit card debt as well as a large lawsuit I was going through. Works aren't enough to thank you. I now have the ability to start the process of finishing my basement, take time to visit family on vacation and even update my wardrobe.
All the best wishes to you and your family. I know you will always do well because of your character. God bless you Ryan.


I usually never take the time to write a letter like this but I feel like you really deserve it. My husband and I are so grateful for what you have done to help get our finance back on track and going the extra mile to make sure my husband feels comfortable with the process. My family has been struggling with with credit card debt for years, we always made our payments on time but still felt like we were going in circles. We try so many different things to pay of our debt but nothing helped until we sat down with you and you took a look at our budget. You came up with a solution and showed us way of life without credit cards.


I just want to thank Ryan for his honesty. I was looking to refinance so of course I shopped around. Long story short I was getting a run around with 2 other companies and Ryan called me back asking what he had to do to get my business I told him that's easy get me a 15 year at 3% fixed and he said he will guarantee it. When I went back in a month and a half later I signed my 3%. Ryan is a man of his word and he has earned my trust. Thanks again Ryan.


I am not much of a letter writer but I thought it was important to let you know how much I appreciated all your help with getting my monthly bills in order. I remember telling you that I was very skeptical that you could help me and that I had a very low threshold for BS. You took me seriously and you handled my situations professionally. Eventually, you won over my trust and we were off and running. You delivered on everything you promised and you made the whole process painless, even to the point of coming to my office to go over the details. Bottom line... you were able to reduce our monthly bills by more than a third and for that I thank you. If any of my family or friends are looking to get out of debt, I will not hesitate to give them your name...


And believe... It's not your fault!
Those are the magic words you told me when we first talked about all the credit card debt I had built up over the years. 
Thank you for showing me that I didn't have to continue paying those credit card companies for the rest of my life. 
Thank you for showing me how to get my credit card scores up into the 700's!
Thank you for taking the time to show me how to stick to a "realistic" monthly budget.
Thank you for showing me how to save $577 per month in never ending bills. 
Thank you for everything!!


It all started back in July of 2007. My daughter Jennifer became engaged to her high school sweetheart Chad. Jennifer is an only child and we wanted her day to be extra special. As the wedding plans all started to come together, and the bills started to pile up, we quickly realized that our initial budget had disappeared. We ended up having to charge a lot of the expensed on the credit cards constantly saying we will worry about it later. Now the kids have been happily married for two years and we still have our debt. We always make our payments but never seem to go anywhere on the balance. One afternoon we received one of your quirky postcards and we decided to give you a call. With your help we were able to look at many different options and you were able to guide us in the right direction while making us feel comfortable. I know you have heard our story several times, and probably know more about our financial situation than anyone else, but we really wanted to THANK YOU again for the help and hard work.

Stacy and Tim

As you know, my situation was extremely complicated and I had been turned down for my refinance in the past. That didn't slow you down a bit! Your experience and knowledge definitely showed and you got the deal done for me when no one else could. Not only did you get it done when you said you would but you got me an even better deal than I was expecting. Although you had to deal with A LOT of surprises and setbacks while working with me- you worked through them all. I truly appreciated all of your hard work...


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent job that you did with our refinance. As you know our previous refinance was a total ripoff that had us in a major financial jam. I was so disgusted that I didn't want to talk to anybody about refinancing, I thought, I made a bad decision, I was taken advantage of, I will just have to work hard and get this paid off. Thank you so much for being persistent and professional for working around my busy schedule and meeting with me after hours. I was so impressed that you didn't come to my house trying to sell me something, you took the time to show me how you could help get our payments down where they are manageable.
Once again thank you so much.


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