Top 200 Mortgage Originators in the United States

Top Mortgage Originator In AmericaRyan Kelley, The Home Loan Expert, has been named to the Mortgage Executive Magazine’s Top 200 Mortgage Originator Award List! This is a huge accomplishment, as it means that Ryan has been judged among the top 1% of mortgage originators in the entire country. Ryan actually was the top originator in Missouri. The don’t call him The Home Loan Expert for nothing, right?

The list is ranked according to the total yearly mortgage value, which means that Ryan ranked in the top 1% for highest dollar volume on loans in the country. While many of his competitors have fallen by the wayside (over 70% of the mortgage originators in the country have disappeared in the last 4 years) Ryan Kelley has thrived in St. Louis, Chicago, and Indianapolis, closing more loans than any other mortgage originator in those markets.

What does this mean for you, though? It means working with a trusted, experienced mortgage professional. It means dealing with an expert. This is the largest purchase in your life – who do you want to deal with? A bank, that takes forever to grind you through their machinery and red tape? A smaller mortgage broker, that can’t get you the historically low rates that you get from The Home Loan Expert? Or another radio company that screams on the radio about “rates in the 2’s” when only the smallest percentage actually qualifies?

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The Home Loan Expert gets you the best interest rate available for your new home purchase or refinance, whether you need an FHA, HARP, VA, Jumbo, or Conventional Loan. It’s that simple. If your current rate is not in the 3’s, let’s get it there. Call us today at (800)991-6494 and visit www.thehomeloanexpert.com today to apply online. Nobody makes it easier.

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