THLE Running Team Climb For the Kids Diary #2

I never counted days or weeks so carefully as I have been doing it since I was injured.

3 weeks left until Ultimate Challenge Run- Pikes Peak Marathon.

5 weeks since I got my knee surgery with which I lost my quad muscle.

20 miles covered on my 5th  recovery week.


Some people asked me if I am nervous about a challenge that is coming up. I have to admit that as much as I try to go with the flow I am nervous. There are many runners that are afraid to even have a thought about this challenging run. And, here I am. I got injured on my 3rd week of training for the run that many runners take years to prepare for. Every day, my mind is thinking about August 20th. I am not afraid to fail. I just want to show people that you have to fight for what it is important for you. I work really hard every day alone and with my physical therapy staff to make sure that I would be in the best possible shape that I can be with such a little training.

Finally, this weekend I was able to cover 5 and 12 miles, I have to say it felt awesome! My mind is ready to get those miles in; however, my quad is still getting its strength back. I constantly have to make sure that my mind is taking care of my body. I learned how to be patient with my body because I always tell myself to slow down.

For many years I wanted to get involved in the fundraiser and be able to actually help those that need our help the most. When Ryan asked me what cause I would like to do the fundraiser for I knew I will not be able not to get personal. Being physically and emotionally abused as a child I have my personal connection with those who fight every day with their emotional pain and learning process to have a normal and healthy life. Running just a marathon is not enough for me to overcome my emotional pain. Overcoming any type of abuse requires so much willingness and education that sometimes the same education can lead to overwhelmingly stressful realization about the actual damage of the abuse.  There are no words to express my appreciation to Ryan that he agreed to support me and make all this to happen.

I found peace in my life only after 6 years of being emotionally lost as a human being.  So, I know it is a long journey which requires to time to answer questions like, why this happened to you? Was it your fault?

I am very happy to be able to make an impact on people`s lives. Abuse is like drug addiction, you will never fully heal. You can avoid and run from your emotional pain as much as you want, but it is like shadow ALWAYS THERE. The only way to recover and have healthy life style is being able to create a healthy relationship with your emotional pain.

This is all, for now. I will get back soon.

Thank you all,

KZ, THLE Running Team

Climb for the kids 2017

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