Thinking about a Mortgage Refinance? Here’s 4 Reasons to Apply NOW

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Everybody is trying to refinance right now. Interest rates are low, home values are rising, and it’s a great time to save thousands on your mortgage. People are applying today and saving hundreds each month, shortening their loan, and taking money out of their home. Here are 4 reasons why now is a great time to refinance.

Take Cash Out For Summer Projects

A Cash-Out Refinance is a great way to use your mortgage as a way to put some money to work for you. You can take out a cash-out refinance to do projects around the house, take a trip, or do whatever you want. It’s a far better option than a home equity loan.

These Low Interest Rates Won’t Last Forever

Everybody that has a radio has heard us tell you that interest rates are low, and they are. They’re as low as they’ve been in years, and have been for months. This isn’t going to be this way forever, though. All it takes is one federal decision or for the financial institutions to reverse course and rates will start climbing again. If you want to take advantage of the low interest rates, you need to refinance now.

Consolidating Your Debt

Would you rather make ten payments at varying, high-interest rates, or just one low-interest payment? Option 2, right? That’s what a Debt Consolidation Loan can do for you. It’s a new mortgage where we pay off all of your debts for you, and you turn them all into one lower payment. Instead of paying the crazy-high credit card interest rates, you can get a low mortgage rate that covers everything.

Get Rid of Your ARM

No, not your arm, your ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Signing up for one to get a low rate may have seemed like a great idea at the time, but when rates go back up, you’re in trouble. You can refinance right now to a low fixed-rate mortgage. You can have cost-certainty every month instead of wondering what you’ll be paying month-to-month. It saves you money overall and ensures peace-of-mind.

Get Started

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