The Bloomington Illinois Home Loan Expert

A thought came to me recently. “We spend a lot of time advertising and talking to the major cities (St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis) around us, but when do we ever talk to some of the surrounding areas?” Well, we don’t, it seems. Bloomington, Illinois is a beautiful college town right up the road from our home office in St. Louis, and on our way to Chicago. It’s a perfect place to discuss home loans, and what we can do for you.

You may think that hiring a St. Louis/Chicago company for your home loan is a little too far away. “We can just go to the bank!” Well, that’s how people end up paying more than they need to every month on their mortgage. Working with The Home Loan Expert means faster turnarounds and personal attention, and the lowest interest rates on your loan.

Bloomington homeowners that are looking for a refinance or a new home purchase can contact The Home Loan Expert TODAY to find out exactly what they can get, no matter what their needs are. For refinances, they may want to take money out of their home, they may want to lower their monthly payments, or maybe lower the amount of years remaining on the loan. If the interest rate is good enough, they can do all 3!

Get a hold of us today at The Home Loan Expert so that we can start working on your loan in time for spring, so you can move in when you want to, or just enjoy your new mortgage in the warm weather. Call us at (800) 991-6494 or visit our website to apply online.

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