Start Winterizing Your Home Today

With winter approaching and November halfway over, it’s time to start looking at ways to keep your home secure from the elements for the cold end of the year.  Some preventative maintenance can really help you start winterizing your home today.  These simple steps will get you a long way toward a comfortable winter.

Keep out the weather

Find the cracks and seals that are letting your valuable heat out and letting cold into your home.  This is a huge money-waster for homeowners and can save you lots on your heating bills.  Getting the place sealed up will let you sleep in the warm house you deserve.

There are a couple of tricks to help you find the leaks. For large cracks, a 2 person team is needed.  Walk around the house outside at night while the other partner uses a flashlight to illuminate doorways and windows.  Where you see the light coming through, you have leaks.  For smaller leaks that won’t show up in this test, you can light a candle or incense stick and run it by areas you think have leaks.  If the light or smoke moves, you’ve spotted a leak.

Go buy some 9 volts

You know how your smoke alarm battery only dies at 3 a.m.?  You can avoid that by testing them all today, before it wakes you up in the middle of the night, or, far worse, doesn’t wake you up.  While many homes are wired for the detectors and they will work in case of a battery failure, it’s a simple task to test the batteries in your smoke detectors and keep your family safe.

The heat is on

Check out your heating system and make sure it’s clean and clear for the home.  It will make your home more comfortable and efficient during the winter.  Change out your HVAC filter and clean your vents to keep that heat moving through your house.

Clean up the yard

Your outdoor areas will be used far less during the winter months, but you can’t neglect them.  Leaves in your yard and gutters are hugely damaging during the colder months.  You can shortcut raking leaves by running the mower and mulching them, which will give your yard some much needed nourishment during the winter without covering it from getting sun and moisture.

Your gutters need to be cleaned before winter hits as well.  Gutters full of leaves and debris won’t drain properly and will put water where you don’t want it.

Your outside furniture needs care too.  Your patio furniture has held strong outside all year, and when you’re putting it away you want to make sure that you clean them before they go away.  It will be a lot easier before it has the whole winter to lock that dirt into your stuff.

Close the door on unwanted visitors

I don’t mean your in-laws.  We’re talking about mice, snakes, squirrels, raccoons and the other animals that see your attic as a great place to spend the winter.  Take a hard look at your roof and make sure that there aren’t broken shingles or small holes.  Mice and snakes can fit into a space the size of a quarter.  Fix the holes and keep out the vermin.

If you hear scratching in the attic, call in a professional.  Don’t tangle with a raccoon.

Get Started

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