Spend Less and Get More For Your Mortgage Dollar

Home prices are skyrocketing but interest rates have stayed low, so the housing market is really hot.  With summer coming around and hot weather, lots of people are shopping for a new home, whether they are looking to upgrade their current home or move into their first home to stop throwing money away on rent, the competition for home is going to be fierce.  You can get more bang for your buck by following these tips and spend less and get more for your mortgage dollar.

More House For the Dollar – Look for older homes

Now, don’t think I want you to shop for Victorian mansions.  Just look for a home that has potential that could be overlooked by other buyers.  A house with outdated carpet or light fixtures may not be the sexiest pick that you will look at, but you can replace them relatively cheaply.  Don’t let your initial impression stop you from buying a home that can be perfect for you.

More House For the Dollar – Look for longer term listings

If a house has sat on the market for a while, there could be a few reasons why.  Maybe the seller is asking too much.  Maybe there is problems with the house that the seller can’t or won’t fix.  Could just be an ugly house.  No matter what the issue, if a house sits for a while, the seller can get desperate.  Find out why it’s languishing on the listings, whether it’s a deal breaker or not, and make an offer.

More House For the Dollar – A fixer-upper with potential

Take a hard look at a fixer-upper.  What’s really wrong with it?  Are there serious structural issues, or just an ugly paint job?  Do you need to completely rip out the plumbing, or replace a couple of pipes?  Make a serious assessment, bring along a contractor that you trust.  Don’t buy a fixer-upper without a plan on how to make it better, but don’t dismiss them out of hand.  Some great housing deals are there for the taking if you have the vision to make it right.

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