Save Money In Your New (Old) House

When you buy an older home, it can be because you fell in love with the look, or it’s in a cool neighborhood, or you just got a great deal.  One thing that is always the case with an older house is that you will pay more for your utilities than you think you will.  Here are 3 ways to save money in your new (old) house!

New Windows

Older windows are often a real problem when it comes to your heating and cooling bills.  You can save money by spending money on new windows – just make sure that they’re sealed and solid.  It may be hard to part with those beautiful old windows, but the first winter that you can see your breath you’ll be happy you did.

They’ll let light in better and also be more secure, helping you sleep at night in two different ways!


If the insulation is old, your house will be cold.  Also hot.  Check into the insulation and replace it if it’s beat up.  You’ll save money on your heating and cooling and make your home more comfortable.  Think of the insulation as a coat for your home.  It’s what keeps the heat in during the winter and the cold in during the summer.


You can expect to pay a couple of thousand on a new heater and air conditioner if you want to upgrade it, but you’ll notice the difference in the comfort level of your house right away.  If you’re adding central air for the first time, it’s like a whole new house.  Nothing feels better than that first summer day with a new air conditioner.

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