Realtors Portal

Hi guys, Ryan Kelley here. You’ve probably heard our radio spots and wondered why we haven’t reached out to you like most other mortgage companies do. Well, we have a reason for that. We’ve been carefully cultivating our relationships with a few selected realtors to see exactly what makes for a great realtor/mortgage lender relationship, and I think we’re ready to throw it nationwide.

We introduce to you The Home Loan Expert’s Realtor Portal! We determined that giveaways and free pizzas are nice, but what our realtors were looking for was the ability to service their customers quickly and efficiently. We have that in spades with the new Realtor Portal.

We’ve taken our current, no BS system and tailored it for realtors. When you become a Home Loan Expert Preferred Realtor, your applicant now goes directly to our top loan officers. It’s speedpass for mortgages. Jump to the head of the line, and run through to the end of the process. We guarantee faster turnaround time, less clutter, and more satisfied borrowers.

How do you join The Home Loan Expert Preferred Realtor Program? Simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you immediately. We look forward to working with you!

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