Important Questions to Ask About Your New Home

When buying a home, you need to have as much possible information – not knowing something about the house can cost you money.  The inspection and the Open House and Walkthroughs will give you a good idea about the house, but there’s no resource like the owners to answer the important questions to ask about your new home.  Ask these to the current owner to get a more well-rounded view of your new house.

  1. Are there any weird things to look out for?

An inspection will tell you if the floor is warped, or the electric is shoddy, or if you’ll be replacing the heater in two years.  What the owners can tell you is that the sink upstairs leaks when it’s cold, or the floorboards squeak at night, or it’s haunted, or whatever.  That’s how you learn about the odd issues that every home has, and how to deal with them if they aren’t dealbreakers.

  1. What’s the repair history?

Most states require the seller to disclose problems with the home during the sale process, but they may not have to disclose things that they have fixed, even if they didn’t do an awesome job.  Hint around for things that have been repaired so you can check out the work and determine if it will need to be redone or if it will hold to your satisfaction.

  1. Where are the shut-offs?

Every home has to have the water or power shut off occasionally, for repairs or mistakes.  If you’re buying an older home, the utility shut-offs could be anywhere.  They’ve shown up in closets, crawl spaces, in the backyard, and lots of other last-places-you’d-look.  The owners will tell you where to find them.

  1. Is it a nice neighborhood?

How’s traffic?  Are there neighbors with kids the same age as yours?  Does the guy with the nice pool keep it all to himself?  Does your neighbor front a terrible garage band?  These are all nice things to know before you buy your home, even if they aren’t dealbreakers.

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