Home Values Rising – Time To Refinance

With home prices rising sharply in the last few years, homeowners are realizing that their homes are worth far more than they originally paid for them.  There are billions of dollars in unused equity sitting around, waiting to be used to help save people money.  That’s about 2 and ½ times what was available just five years ago.  This should be really interesting news for homeowners who are in credit card debt or need money to pay off something else.  A Cash-Out Refinance is the best way to tap into the equity in your home to refinance to today’s low-interest rates while paying off higher interest debt.  With home values rising, it’s time to refinance.

“Cash-Out Refinance”, or a debt consolidation loan, is a cornerstone of our business. A refinance that lowers your interest rate and gives you the capital that you need to pay off credit cards, student loans, vehicles, boats and home improvement projects. With home values rising, there’s never been a better time to utilize the cash equity from your home and stop paying those crazy credit card rates.

So take advantage of today’s low-interest rates and refinance today.  Use the equity that you’ve built in your home to get yourself out of high-interest debt.  Stop the credit card company calls.  Pay for your daughter’s wedding.  Buy a boat.  Whatever you want to do, you’ve worked for this opportunity by paying down your mortgage, so use it!

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