Home Buying Etiquette From The Home Loan Expert

When you’re home shopping, it’s not like going to the grocery store or the mall.  There are certain rules and decorum to follow.  Remember, you’re not the only person looking at this house.  The other buyers and the seller will determine whether you get the house, so why not build in some advantages by following proper home buying etiquette?

Pre-Approval Is King

Getting pre-approved by The Home Loan Expert team is the best first step you can take in the home buying process.  You wouldn’t shop for groceries or TVs without knowing how much money you had, would you?

Besides, it’s rude to setup a walk through without knowing if you can afford a house.  If you won’t get approved for a house, you’re not just wasting your time.  You’re wasting the time of a couple of dedicated real estate agents and the people that want to sell you a house.

Be On Time

When you make an appointment with a realtor and sellers, SHOW UP ON TIME.  How hard is that to get?  Being late conveys how unprofessional you are.  It also shows that you don’t care, and who wants to sell their house to someone who doesn’t care about it?

Shoes Are Not Optional

I don’t particularly care about your shoe proclivities.  When you enter someone’s home, you remove your shoes.  Remember, these people have cleaned their home specifically for you.  Don’t mess it up by dragging mud in on your shoes.

Group Outings Are Bad

Try not to bring a bunch of people to your first walk through.  If your parents are paying, sure bring them.  If you’re just looking for opinions, save that for when you are trying to make a final decision.  Having a gaggle of voices in the tour slows everything down.

And don’t bring the kids – they break things, track in mud, and are generally a bored nuisance on a walk through.

Don’t be TMZ

If you want to take pictures, ask.  There may be things that these people, who are strangers, want to keep private.

Don’t Overstay Or Over-visit

How much time do you really need?  How many times is too many to look?  You can get a really good look at a home in 15 to 30 minutes according to realtors we talked to.  That’s the typical visit.  If you’re looking at a mansion, obviously you need more time.  Just make sure you don’t linger.  Also, don’t keep coming back.  See what you want to see in the first couple of visits, get the place inspected, and make an offer.  Don’t drag it out.

Get Started

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