Go To Your Home Inspection

Home Buyers are involved in a lot of different things, from getting their paperwork and finances in order, to meeting with loan officers and banks and keeping everything moving.  The inspection is a step that shouldn’t fall by the wayside, though.  You need to have your new home inspected before you sign the final documents, to make sure that there aren’t any hidden problems in the home that become yours when you sign on the dotted line.  Do you need to be there for the inspection on your new home purchase?  YES!  Go to your home inspection and learn about your home!

A home inspector is an expert in just about everything home related.  Think of them as a safari guide, taking you through the jungle of pipes and wires that make up your home.  They are there to inspect your home for what works, what doesn’t, and what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about.

You need a real expert to make these decisions.  If your parents or friends want to come look, sure, that’s great.  Your inspector is the impartial observer that will tell you the honest truth about every system in your home.  They can help you determine if you want to buy this home after all.

While you are there, follow them around.  Ask questions.  Don’t be afraid to sound dumb – they hear dumb questions every day.  Most good inspectors are used to it and will help you learn about your home.  They’re happy to do it.  Use this opportunity that you are paying for to get the lay of the land.  Just try not to get in the way.

Remember that you may not get a perfect report back from the inspector.  That’s what they are there for, to nitpick the house and find the things that an untrained eye may not see.  It’s not a strike against you that you miss something small that the inspector picks up on.  This is their job, after all.  You don’t look at houses every day, and you can’t be an expert at everything.  Use the report to make your home purchase BETTER.  Get the seller to make the changes that you want before you move in.

If you have already agreed on repairs that need to be made in the contract, make sure that the inspector signs off on them.  You don’t want half-done repairs to the home you are moving in to.  Peace of mind is worth it, even if there is an extra cost to having them return.

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