Four Things Your Loan Officer Wants to Know

Home Owner and Loan OfficerWhen you’re applying for your mortgage, we obviously want to know all about your financial history, and we need to see a lot of paperwork.  But, we also want to know about YOU and your situation.  Every mortgage is different, and a company like ours likes to be flexible in how we work with you.  Here are four things your loan officer wants to know about how we’ll be handling your mortgage.

1 – How Do You Want To Hear From Us

We’re a very tech-savvy organization and will communicate with you in a variety of ways.  If you only want to talk on the phone, that’s great.  If you like to text, we’ll text with you.  You like the paper trail of emails?  We’re happy to send them to you.  However, one constant is that we like to meet face-to-face with every client.

2 – When Do You Want It

The faster we get your information, the sooner we can have your mortgage in your hand.  That being said, any delay from your end is going to lead to a delay on our end.  We can only move with what you give us.

If you go out of town or go off the map for a week and we need something from you, that will delay your loan.  So we need to know whether you’ll be around for us to get all of our required information before we proceed.

3 – Something Strange Is Happening…

There’s no faster way to blow a mortgage deal than to not report something strange going on in your finances.  We need to know your complete history to get you a mortgage, so let us know if you have:

A pending divorce
A short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy
Unreliable working hours or income restraints
Other rental properties
Or anything that you think could change your financial forecast.

It’s always better for you to tell us upfront than for us to find it.  We won’t disqualify you automatically, but we will often have to restart the process and delay you, possibly costing you money.  Honesty is the best policy, since we’ll find it out anyway.

4 – What Are You Looking For?

Is this a forever home?  Do you want to flip it in a few years?  Is this a vacation home?  Do you need a Cash Out Refinance to pay bills?  Do you have 20% for a down payment?  We want to know what you’re looking for so we can get you the best possible mortgage.

Get Started

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