Five Home Projects to Tackle Now That It’s Spring

It’s officially Spring in the Midwest,  so soon enough, you’ll be out enjoying the weather, getting things done, and living your best life.  We got The Home Loan Expert Team together and got some suggestions for 5 home projects to tackle now that it’s Spring.  Things that you’ve been putting off because it’s too cold?  Now’s the time.

Paint a Room

Painting in the Spring is perfect timing.  You can work with the windows open, and the natural light helps make the colors pop.  Pick a room that’s been bugging you, or looks bad, or you just want a new start in, and get to work.  Make sure that you take all of the usual painting precautions, dropping plastic, taping the edges, and working it in coats.  Freshen up a room this weekend.

Check the Roof

Winter just absolutely pummels your roof.  Between snow, cold expanding the materials, and the general wear and tear, your roof could start developing holes and issues. Look at your shingles, especially for ones that may be loose or broken from the snow and ice. The last thing you want during the Spring rains is a leaky roof dripping in your attic.  You can do the exam with some binoculars from the ground if you’re not comfortable on the ladder, just make sure to make a map of your roof with trouble spots to fix.

Gutter Talk

Since you have the ladder out for the roof, let’s get on the gutters. Clear out the downspouts, because snow and ice carry leaves and twigs right into your gutters, clogging them up just in time for Spring downpours. If you don’t get the gutters clean, the extra water can build up, damaging your attic or basement, depending on how the water flows.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Now we’re talking!  Get out there in the dirt and get that landscaping back on point! Start the task out by ditching your dead annuals.  Nothing ruins landscaping like dead flowers.  Next, spend some time pruning the perennials – they’ll grow to the mulch line and over if you don’t watch it.  Start weeding now, too, because the ground is moist and soft and it’s not a billion degrees yet.  Weeding during the summer is just an atrocious way to spend your time.  Nip them in the bud (see what I did there!) while you can.  Lastly, check your mulch/dirt/rocks to make sure that they’re evenly spread, and add a new coat once you’ve planted and cleaned up.

Spring Cleaning

Open your windows, shake out the rugs, and start getting the clutter out – it’s Spring Cleaning!  The smells of Spring are great, flowers blooming, fresh-cut grass, etc., so let them in!  Start collecting all of the junk that you were too tired or lazy to get rid of all winter and throw it out, or if it’s in good shape, donate it!  Vacuum and dust everything thoroughly, move the furniture to dust and clean, and really get things back together in the house.  It’s Spring, you want to enjoy your home.  Make it a clean, good-smelling place again!

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