Do You Need a Cash Out Refinance For a New Roof?

New Home RoofWith winter on the way in the Midwest, it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: checking the roof.  Every homeowner needs to know that their roof is solid and leak-free, and it’s better to do it now, before it’s bitterly cold outside.  Here are the things to check over to see if you need to have professionals come out to your home.


Your shingles are the first line of defense against the elements.  They can split, crack, curl or break free, causing your roof to become weaker and start to leak.  Luckily, you can see damage to shingles from a distance, and you can check on them from the ground.  If you need to do some repairs, a 10-by-10-foot square of asphalt singles costs $100 to $350.


The sheet metal that is placed over roof joints, on wall construction, and around chimneys to prevent water from entering the house is called flashing.  It can come loose or become corroded.  A professional will charge $200 to $500.  It depends on the size and location of the damage.

Fascia and soffits

Running along the outside of your roof under the overhang is your soffits and fascia.  Many homes, particularly those with aluminum siding, will already have these enclosed.

If not, look for rot, gaps, and holes caused by rodents trying to invade your attic. It’s not a huge cost per square foot to get them enclosed, and it can help keep these pests out of your house and keep these important beams healthy.

Roof vents

Look for the little chimneys on top of your roof.  They let the HVAC and other systems vent into the world.  They also have rubber gaskets and sealant that cracks and wears down over the years, giving rain and snow another way into your house.  Keep an eye on these seals every year and touch them up as appropriate.

When you feel that your roof needs a full repair, a great solution is a cash out refinance to get the money.

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