Control Your Debt With a Cash Out Refinance

Debt stinks, but it’s a necessary evil in today’s world.  If you want to buy a home, or a car, or any big purchase, you’ll have to borrow some money.  Credit card debt is another matter.  Credit cards are high-interest debt machines, and that high-interest compounds to make the debt worse.  They’re designed to let you get yourself into trouble.  But did you know that you can control your debt with a Cash Out Refinance?

A Cash Out Refinance is a great way to take that high-interest debt and pay it off at a lower rate.  You essentially refinance to a lower interest rate, while taking the equity in your home out.  You can then use that money to get yourself off of the Credit Card treadmill and make one low payment.  The average household has $16,748 in Credit Card debt.

So, stop running in place and get yourself out of Credit Card debt.  Stop making the minimum payment and adding to the total.  Don’t give your hard-earned money away every month paying those greedy Credit Card companies.

A Cash Out Refinance also comes with other advantages.  Not only can you lower your interest rate, you could also shorten your commitment and maybe even lower your monthly payment.  We also give you a couple of months off from making your mortgage payment after a refinance to build a little breathing room, and you won’t pay any out-of-pocket costs.

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