Buying a House Is a Competition

Buying a house is a competition.  The sooner you wrap your head around that, the better off you will be in buying a home.  In a market like this, where interest rates are low and housing inventory is very tight, you are going to be competing against lots of other interested buyers that may have the same credit score or down payment as you do.

More and more people are able to buy a home now with the proliferation of new loan programs like FHA, and the availability of VA and USDA loans to qualified applicants.  Just our Hero.Loan program for VA loans has put hundreds of new homeowners in their dream homes.

There’s a wave of people coming to buy homes.  Millennials are buying as they start to settle down and raise families.  Home values are skyrocketing.  Home construction had slowed after the 2008 collapse, and are just now ramping back up to produce the homes people are wanting to buy, so you are competing for that house you love.

The best way to get started and stay ahead of the pack is to get pre-approved for your mortgage.  A mortgage pre-approval from The Home Loan Expert team will make sure that you are ready to make an offer on your dream home and that you have a real shot to win it.  Many realtors won’t even look at an offer without a pre-approval.  You have a big weapon in your pocket when you are pre-approved.

Another way to stand out is to try to engage with the seller.  Find out why they’re selling and what they hope to get out of the sale.  If they need to have the place sold by a certain date, help them meet their goal.  If they need to hit a certain number for the sale, work with them on it.  Knowing the seller’s goal can make you a more attractive candidate for the purchase.  You can also tell the seller how perfect the home is for you, and try to show them how you’ll appreciate their home.

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