Bloomington Normal Home Purchase Loan

Whether it’s your first home in Bloomington-Normal or your 3rd refinance on your fifth home, The Home Loan Expert makes it an easy process. We offer same-day approvals, with closings going through in as little as two weeks, without the waiting and stress.

The system we have developed over the years guarantees homeowners a lower rate on a better loan. This company was started working with first time home buyers, and we make sure that every step is completed perfectly, explaining the process thoroughly, making sure that paperwork is done properly and communicating with the buyer, not just at the time of the loan, but during the life of the loan, including follow ups to ensure that the home owner has the best rates in Bloomington-Normal, as long as the loan exists. We use these tools that we developed to help all Bloomington-Normal homeowners, regardless of their level of experience, to get the best possible rates. This means that no matter what your situation is, we can find the right loan for your family.

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