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Our Bloomington-Normal team handles a lot of government sponsored loans.  These count FHA and HARP loans among their ranks. Lots of borrowers opt for what is called a conventional loan, though. The main difference between a government sponsored loan and conventional loans is that a conventional loan isn’t backed by a Government Sponsored Entity. They’re referred to as non-GSE loans. They are regarded as being a safe loan, especially in the fear of the aftermath of the 2007 housing market crash. We back our own Bloomington-Normal conventional loans, just like the banks do, but we have the flexibility to use many loans that banks don’t.

Whether you’re a first time home owner or refinancing your third house for the fifth time, The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley, can give you the best rate on a conventional loan. Call us today, or come into our nearest office, and see how we can make it easy for you to get the loan you want at the rate you deserve.

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