Advantages of a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage

A 30-year fixed mortgage is a mortgage with a fixed interest rate that stays the same for 30 years.  Pretty simple, right?  When you get a 30-year fixed mortgage, you are making a decision to embrace stability and know what you will pay for the duration of your mortgage every month. You will pay off interest at the beginning of the loan, and principal nearer the end.  There are many advantages of a 30-year fixed mortgage.

Advantages of a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage

  • You know what your mortgage payment will be every month, and you can budget accordingly to make sure that you make the payments and your monthly expenses are still manageable.
  • You will have a lower monthly payment as opposed to a 15-year mortgage or other mortgage types.
  • If this is your forever home or a long-term home for you, you know that you will have the same payment throughout the life of the loan and have long-term stability.
  • With the lower payment, you can use the savings to put away cash for emergencies, you can pay off other debt, you can avoid credit cards and can invest the money for further financial stability.
  • When rates are as low as they are, you can jump on it and keep that rate throughout the life of the loan, and you can be assured that you will always have it.
  • There are generally not pre-payment penalties for a 30-year mortgage, meaning that you can pay the mortgage off faster and pay extra towards the principal, without having to deal with a shorter-term loan that demands a higher monthly payment.

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