A Home Makeover For Spring With a Cash-Out Refinance

Home values are rising steadily, and even though rates are up from historic lows, they are still very low.  It’s the best time in years to buy or refinance.  If you already own a home and want to refinance, you may be looking for a special reason.  We wanted to go over a few options for you to think about a Cash-Out Refinance to work on.  A Cash-Out Refinance is a mortgage that uses the equity in your home from your payments and the home’s value increasing to take out a loan, using today’s lower interest rates.  You can get a home makeover for spring with a Cash-Out Refinance!

Take a Dip

When you put in a pool, you are planting a flag in your neighborhood that you are living well.  Your neighbors will look on in envy as you swim the days away while they’re pulling weeds and mowing the lawn.  You can put in a pool in your backyard this spring with a Cash-Out Refinance and make your home not only the place to be for barbecues in your neighborhood, but also a more valuable piece of property with more appeal to buyers and a higher appraised value.  Dive into a Cash-Out Refinance this spring!

Man Cave or She Shed – Make It Your Space

Do you want a “Man Cave”, “She Shed”, basement playroom for the kids, a small theater to watch movies in, an arcade to play games in, a wet bar, extra bedrooms, or just a finished basement to hang out in?  Then a Cash-Out Refinance can pay for it without taking that money out of your pocket or putting it on credit cards that will kill you with interest rates.

Add on Outside

Adding a deck or patio in your yard can transform your home from a boring house to the neighborhood hangout.  It also gives you and your family a comfortable spot to hang out outside and enjoy the fruits of your hard work maintaining the house and yard.  Use a Cash-Out Refinance to fund the construction of a deck or pouring the concrete for a patio to give you an outdoor sanctuary.

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