A Down Payment Is Closer Than You Think

Many mortgage shoppers don’t know this, but there are a lot more ways to buy a home than saving up for a 20% down payment (or getting a gift from your parents for one!)  There are a large variety of programs that help with people who can’t afford a down payment, and they can help you get moved into your home sooner than later.  A down payment is closer than you think, and you can buy that home if you use one of the programs that The Home Loan Expert has available for you.


FHA Loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration and are great loans for first-time homebuyers.  They only require a  3.5% down payment and have lower credit score requirements than a Conventional loan.  Scoring an FHA Loan has put a lot of families in their first home and helped other families refinance or buy a second home.

FHA Loans are incredibly versatile and can help in many different situations.  Even though they come with a PMI requirement, Private Mortgage Insurance isn’t an onerous burden if you want to buy a home.  You can also refinance out of it once you hit that 20% equity threshold and take that off of your bill.


VA Loans, or Veteran’s Administration Loans, are probably the best loan that you can get if you qualify.  If you are a veteran or active servicemember or an immediate family member, you can qualify for a VA Loan.

Many veterans think that the VA Loan is difficult to get, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Hero.Loan Program established by The Home Loan Expert team last year gets VA Loans closed in 14 days, pays for VA appraisals, and fills out all of the VA paperwork for you.  It’s now easy to get a VA Loan because it shouldn’t be hard for veterans to access the best perk of military service.

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