7 Tips For a Safe Holiday Season

With the holidays here, we all want to have a great season and enjoy ourselves in our homes.  Having family and guests over means that your home will be a magnet for accidents and problems.  Christmas decorations and items had over 15,000 reported incidents in 2012, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  The CSPC reported about 250 people heading to the ER every day that season.

7 tips for a safe holiday season

  1. Live trees are flammable. Keep your tree hydrated and away from heat sources. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it happens. A fake tree is far less likely to catch fire.
  2. Shut it down at night. When you head for bed, turn out the lights. They aren’t meant for long-term use, and can get hot, causing an electrical fire.
  3. Burning wrapping paper is dangerous. Wrapping paper is a special type of paper, and the design of it causes it to burn very quickly, and can flash and cause sparks to fly and light other parts of your house on fire.
  4. Don’t hang lights alone. Don’t be a Clark Griswold. Have help spotting you when you are hanging lights and decorations so you don’t hurt yourself.
  5. Check your lights. Go through your bulbs and lights before you hang them. Not only will that keep you from climbing on the roof with bad lights, it will keep you from hanging lights with shorts or snags. Also keep an eye on your extension cords, making sure not to pinch them or get them tangled.  Hooks are your friends here, keeping you from stapling through them and causing dangerous shorts.
  6. Candles are fire, guys. When you’re burning a candle, make sure it’s stable. Don’t put them near edges of tables where kids or pets or drunk uncles can knock them off.
  7. Fragile ornaments go higher. The really fragile ornaments need to go higher, to keep them out of the hands of kids. Shiny ornaments become shiny broken glass in your carpet in a heartbeat.

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