4 Projects For a Long Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to summer for a lot of people.  You can spend it relaxing, working, boating, swimming, barbecuing, or however you want.  A great way to be productive and have a little fun is to tackle one of these 4 projects for a Memorial Day weekend.  You’ll feel like you got something accomplished before you sit down to relax the rest of the weekend away.

Project 1: Clean The Windows

Your windows, during the winter, have gotten DISGUSTING.  They have residue from dirt, snow, and rain, and really need a good cleaning before you have people over to your house.  Get outside and scrub the outside of your windows with soap and water.  Don’t just spray them down and move on.  The cleaner the window, the more light you let in, and that is the point.  Grab a squeegee, knuckle down, and really scrub them down.

Project 2: Organize the Closets

If you have one closet that’s a mess (you know which one, guys) make that the project.  Remember, you aren’t in this to spend a day being frustrated and not finishing your project.  You want to GET SOMETHING DONE.  Organize that closet and really get it in shape.  Make a walkway for you.  Collect up some donations and drop them off.  Are you still holding onto clothes from the 90’s that you can’t wear?  WHY?  Empty the closet, donate what you don’t want/can’t wear, and then have a nice, organized closet to display the clothes that DO fit.

Project 3: Plant Something

Every home could stand some greenery.  If you are the type that can’t keep a houseplant alive, try a herb garden in the window.  It gets the sun and is pretty easy to keep alive.  Just plant it, water it, and suddenly you have cilantro.  Never buy the overpriced herbs at the grocery store again.

Project 4: Clean the Patio Furniture

Get out there and scrub down your patio furniture.  Even if you kept it covered all winter, your furniture probably developed some spots, spiders, or mold.  Give them a good cleaning.  Hose them down, wash and air dry the cushions, and clean the covers.  I know, it seems counterintuitive, but the covers will last you longer if you clean them, too.  When your patio furniture is clean, it lasts longer.  Then, you can have people over anytime to your awesome backyard.

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