3 Hot Weather Projects For This Weekend

With summer throttling the Midwest, people are hunkering in their homes away from triple-digit temperatures.  It’s miserable outside, and nobody wants to be out there.  However, it can also be a GREAT time to get some things done on your house that can’t get worked on in the cold.  Here are 3 hot weather projects for this weekend.

Get Shady

Your outdoor areas don’t have to be sun-drenched nightmares in the summer.  When it’s hot and your mind is on shade, it’s time to figure out where you need it.  If you can put a roof over an area of your yard, deck, or patio, you’ll never regret it.  You can also look at umbrellas, because they offer a more adjustable shade to your yard.  Finally, think about something permanent but living and plant some trees.  They may not give you the immediate shade that you crave in the summer, but will pay off in both looking great and keeping you cool.  Plus, they’re a great place to hang a hammock!

Pave the Way

Do you have a blacktop driveway, or a paved concrete?  How about gravel?  Well, no matter what you have, summer is the time to get the driveway fixed!  If you have blacktop, you’ll need to re-apply the tar to keep it looking fresh and new, and keep the driveway from cracking and peeling.  It’s a long, unpleasant day where you get covered in tar, but your driveway will look amazing at the end.  If you have a concrete driveway and it’s cracked and pitted, it’s time to call in the pros.  They can also help you if you have a grave driveway and want to pave it over to give yourself a safe driveway, but it’s best poured in the summer.


It’s time to get your furniture back in shape.  Over the winter, your wood surfaces have taken a beating.  Re-stain the deck, refinish your furniture, and oil up your wooden surfaces outdoors.  You won’t believe the difference looking at your freshly-stained deck.

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